Ginelle Alvarez – Marriage and Family Therapist

My name is Ginelle Alvarez.  I am a Cuban-American, born and raised in Miami.  I have shared 17 years of my life with my husband with whom I had two beautiful children teach me the most valuable lessons and enable me to grow every day as I work to become a better version of myself.

I was born to Cuban parents.  Mom and Dad were married for 30 years, until my precious mother lost her life to cancer.  She died when I was 22 years old, but her presence has remained in me forever.

My mom’s love, legacy, and life lessons continue to shape the person I am today.


As is the case with every misfortune, the pain of losing my mother lead me to the blessing of finding my passion and purpose.  I have always been fascinated by people, behaviors, and relationships, but it wasn’t until the day that I sat through my first grief therapy session at St. Louis Church, that I KNEW I wanted to help others in that same capacity I so desperately needed help then.

Therapy with the touch of faith brought me back hope during a time of despair.  I have always been a woman of faith.  In fact, I attended catholic school throughout my entire education, including my college years in St. Thomas University, where I obtained my Bachelor’s in Psychology and Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2014. However, sometimes the biggest lessons are learned outside of school.  Losing my mom taught me to believe, to have hope, and to devote my life to something greater than what the mundane has to offer. I strongly believe that having faith in something greater is healing and empowering.

Our relationship with God, or a higher power, is not the only one that can promote happiness and growth.  We are individuals that belong to broader systems, so our challenges often stem from the way we relate to one another.  Having healthy relationships with our loved ones and the people that surround us, is essential for our well-being.  Hence, I acquired my degree and license in Marriage and Family Therapy to help individuals, couples, and families overcome their life struggles and attain the necessary tools to create fulfilling relationships.

For the past few years, I have collaborated in assisting individuals with clinical symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, stress, sleep problems, and depressed mood.  I have also served patients with more severe pathologies, including major depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.  I run the partial hospitalization program, and provide individual and group psychotherapy to our patients.  My role in this center is not limited to my patients, but also includes their family members and caretakers.  I give them tools that help them manage the symptoms, understand the illness, and promote the well-being of the patient as well as themselves.  This experience has equipped me with invaluable knowledge in guiding my clients towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.  Inevitably, it has also led me to serve in a higher capacity by expanding my work into private practice.

My experience in the mental health field has validated the complexity of human beings and the importance of assuming an integrative approach to addresses the psychological, spiritual, and physical components of our well-being.  In an effort to become a more comprehensive and competent clinician, I am pursuing a certification in nutrition and health coaching that will allow me to incorporate physical health into the work I do as a psychotherapist.  Including postmodern nutrition will give my clients additional tools to enhance their well-being and engage in fulfilling habits that promote physical and mental health.

In private practice, I coach my clients through their engagement in healthy food choices and accurate exercise regimens, individually tailored to their lifestyle, personal needs, and goals.   I also help them identify how the change in their habits has the power to collaborate with their conscious efforts in bringing about a pleasant mood, well-balanced life, and fulfilling relationships.  I do this by incorporating my clinical competence with my knowledge in physical health, meditation practices, and other well-rounded techniques I have learned throughout my career.

After having served individuals and families for all these years, I have had the opportunity to witness my clients successfully reframe their negative thinking processes, overcome their self-esteem issues, and regain control of their emotions and actions.  My comprehensive approach has provided them with tools that aid in the healing of their mind, body, and spirit.

I believe in what I do and I have faith in who I do it with.  My work is my purpose and I do it with the love that only a daughter who wants to honor her mother, is capable of.

Allow me to serve you.