Dr. Betsy makes it all better!

Dr. Betsy addresses a wide variety of topics ranging from psycho-educational in nature to life enhancement, grief recovery, and relationship strengthening.  Regardless of the topic, she emphasizes and teaches the powerful approach of transforming struggles into strengths.  By incorporating humor, anecdotes, and a big smile into the valuable information she shares, Dr. Guerra manages to inspire change in a pleasant, fun, and safe environment.  Her humility, as revealed in the way she shares her owns story, frees her listeners from feeling judged and helps establish a special connection.

One of the thriving tools she provides her audience with is her very own creation: FUSE™. This powerful concept describes a combination of four factors that are unique to each individual and determines the way we interact with others, particularly in the area of communication.  

Betsy's Keynote Topics
• Fuse, the Missing Piece of Communication 
• Nothing has to Change for Everything to Change
• Motivation Booster
• Relearning "Powerful"

Dr. Betsy Guerra is a bilingual (Spanish/English) inspirational speaker that has the ability to captivate an audience with her charisma, enthusiasm, and professional knowledge.  Throughout her career, she has engaged in numerous speaking engagements, including the Toastmasters International Club, Presentations in Psychology conventions internationally, and a segment in the radio station Radio Esperanza in Spanish.  Dr. Guerra has also facilitated and been a guest speaker at spiritual retreats, grief support groups and workshops for parents, couples, children, and teenagers.  In addition, she provides monthly inspiring talks as part of the nonprofit organization she founded: La Fofi’s Rainbow Foundation  Her well-rounded endeavors in speaking, along with her clinical experience and passionate personality, combine to deliver a powerful impact on all who hear her. 

Couples / Relationships

Dr. Betsy can help transform your marriage into a happily ever after. She’ll teach you how to change perspective/expectations, enhance communication, master conflict resolution, and spice up the passion from the early days.

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Teens & Young Adults

Dr. Betsy has a special love for the work with youth. Their receptiveness during a time in which every decision counts, allows her to contribute to the formation of sensible, assertive, and kind-hearted members of society.

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Dr. Betsy is a mom of four who understands first hand the challenges of being a parent and truly enjoys sharing her perspective on raising little people.

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Personal Growth

Dr. Betsy is committed to transforming lives by providing hope where there seems to be none, teaching skills that you never thought you could have, and promoting faith in oneself and God. She covers areas such as grief, overcoming conflict, and learning the qualities that generate success in all areas of life.

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Speaking and Training

Betsy addresses all topics in Spanish or English, and in a variety of forms designed to meet your needs. You may choose from individual coaching, workshops, events, and speaking engagements. Contact Dr. Betsy to ask how she can help make your life better.