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Teens & Young Adults

Dr. Betsy is especially passionate about working with youth.  She values the opportunity to touch the lives of those who are still in formation and are confronted with important crossroads that will define their lives long-term.  Dr. Betsy has the gift of connecting with young peeps and empowering them as they make life-changing decisions.  She helps them develop significant insight, self-worth, and coping skills that will inevitably enable success. 

Empowered Teen (E.T) Experience

My team and I are deeply saddened and overwhelmed by the rising tolerance in violence expressed by our adolescents. Whether it’s in the form of bullying, self-harm, or the even shootings, aggression is an unacceptable way of coping that only leads to pain and tragedy. In an effort to fulfill our godly responsibility of bringing back hope to our young community, we have decided to continue our Empowered Teens (E.T.) Experience. We chose E.T. as the abbreviation because our work is aimed to helping our kids “go back home”, or turn back to that place of kindness and feeling of belonging that they all crave.

Hence, our approach is not just based on psychology-based interventions, but also on implementing the talents and virtues that contribute to making them the better version of themselves God created them to be.

Our Teen experience will consist of two groups being held at the same time, same day, but separately (Wednesdays 4:30-6:00pm). The boys’ will be facilitated by our Youth Coach, Omar Babun, and the girls by Dr. Betsy Guerra and Valeria Bermudez (to learn more about our team, please visit our website).  Dr. Betsy has designed the E.T. program based on the experience she's had with adolescents for the past 17 years.  Based on the testimonies from parents in previous groups, this initiative has been very successful in empowering teenagers with social and coping skills that have equipped them with increased confidence and a positive vision of life.

There will be one initial individual session (45-60 mins) to meet you and your child in an effort to ensure that this group is right for him/her. This will also allow us to learn more about your child and tailor the group to his/her specific needs. Then, there will be eight 90-minute sessions will take place in a group setting. 

While boys and girls will have their own group to maximize the comfort in intimate discussions, they will also come together during particular exercises during which they will benefit from the combined sex interaction. It will be amazing for them to have the opportunity to implement the skills taught in an environment that resembles that of real life. In addition, we will have surprise guests in their age range that will inspire them with their stories and testimonies! 

In an effort to make our E.T. Experience accessible to our young community, we have significantly reduced our hourly fees.  We are only charging $1,000 for the entire two-month program.  In other words, your child will be receiving 13 hours of service for the equivalent of 3 individual therapy hours with Dr. Betsy!

Don’t miss out!  We are keeping it intimate, so spaces are limited.

To sign up or learn more about our E.T. Experience, text or call Dr. Betsy at 305.810.9823, or email her at