Carolina Martinez – Administrative Assistant

“I am not enough…”  “I am not important…” “No one will ever love me…” “I will never be happy…” 

These are the lies of my inner critic told, and the lies I believed; creating eating disorders and deep self-hatred.

I felt trapped, and did not believe life was ever going to get better. 

I became angry at God, and my faith in Him started to disappear.

I mean, “My life wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

I was supposed to be a confident college girl with the perfect body, perfect boyfriend, and perfect plan for my life. 

But with the little faith I had left I knew God had a plan for me, and I desperately wanted to figure it out. 

I went to every resource I could find. I emerged myself in my faith and received help from a therapist.

With a lot of guidance, praying, questioning and hoping I slowly found myself more at peace with my life.

Although, I couldn’t see where he was taking me I learned to surrender and trust his plan.

My ongoing search for peace, joy and trust in God, lead me to this team.

And before I knew it I found myself working in this amazing office, alongside “angels on earth.”

I am so grateful God did not take my pain away, because through my pain I have gained so many tools and learned so many lessons; each forming me into the strong, humble, and radiant person I am today.

I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree at Florida International University and I am seeing clients as a Life Coach under supervision.

My hope is to help others fight, become strong, and fall in love with themselves and their life. 


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