About Caroline

About Caroline

Caroline De Posada – Life and Wellness Coach

Caroline de Posada (Caro) is an attorney, inspirational speaker, life coach & author of Looking Over the Edge: A True Story of Facing Fear, Finding Your Way, and all the Lessons in Between.

Caroline began learning the principles of success and the power of human transformation at the age of seven from her father, global speaker and best-selling author, Dr. Joachim de Posada. 

Despite traveling eighty percent of the time and his divorce to Caroline’s mother, Joachim taught his daughter how to be present when it mattered most and build a life that aligned with her values. 

In the last twenty years, Caroline traveled the world managing her father’s career, learning how to teach and apply principles of success, leadership, and self improvement. 

As an attorney, Caroline mastered the art of dealing with people going through difficult situations and working in high-pressure environments. She also became skillful in effective negotiation, conflict-resolution, and crisis-managements skills. Having grown up amidst divorce and chaos (her parents have been divorced nine times in total!), Caroline has a deep understanding and unique perspective on how to navigate through difficult relationships and build long-lasting and meaningful ones. 

After her father died in 2015, Caroline sold her law practice and committed to carrying her father’s legacy through coaching, speaking and writing. In doing so, she combines her extensive background in personal development with her life experiences (and a sprinkle of storytelling) to inspire action in the people she serves.

As a result of working with hundreds of people struggling to balance their careers, relationships, and health, Caroline has developed a powerful accountability and mindset program. Through Caro’s CORE Challenges, Caroline offers group coaching to people of all ages, life circumstances, and fitness levels helping them define success and integrate positive and healthy habits into their daily lives.  

Whether she’s engaging a large audience or a small one, being interviewed on a podcast or webinar, or coaching one on one, Caroline brings her passion, purpose, energy and insight to help others define and achieve success on their terms.

Connect with Caro at www.carolinedeposada.com and on social media @carolinedeposada to receive daily doses of perspective and wisdom. 

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