About Chelsea

About Chelsea

Chelsea Bulack – Life Coach

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I’m so glad you are here and reading this bio! That means that you are on your healing journey and looking for someone to help you on this new endeavor. As someone who has been on their own healing journey for 8 years, I can understand how scary and uncertain it can be when you know you need to heal and almost don’t know where to start. I’ve been there too. I also know that counseling can be a powerfully healing tool when combined with one’s own determination and motivation to change their life for the better!


I grew up in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in a family of 10! One of my older brothers was an adopted foster brother and one of my sisters was adopted from a neighborhood family. We were homeschooled and had a wonderful childhood filled with creativity and self-directed learning (that means we kind of schooled ourselves and taught ourselves what we wanted to know). On the surface, it seemed like I grew up in a perfect, Christian home. But behind closed doors I experienced a lot of physical, emotional and psychological abuse at the hands of different caregivers until the age of 10. One of the abusive caregivers was also hurting other children and so he eventually went to jail. However, the scars of trauma that those years left on my brain and soul were something that needed to be addressed and healed in therapy. In some ways I am still healing as I learn and grow as a person, a servant and healer of others. I have learned to see the beauty in my own brokenness and in the brokenness of other people’s stories as well. A broken vessel is an opportunity to show the beauty of healing that is possible!


Two years ago I got a divorce from a man who I loved but who used power, control and manipulation on a daily basis in our marriage. When it became clear that he had no intention of changing and continued to escalate his behavior I chose to walk away before the damage to myself got worse. This experience brought along more opportunities to heal, grow and learn about myself and relationships. I truly love marriage and believe that it can be one of the most beautiful experiences in a person’s life when it is with the right person and both people in the relationship are healthy, whole individuals.


My personal experiences have allowed me to build resilience, strength and perseverance. I know how hard it is to keep healing. At times the pain of getting healthy can feel worse than living with unhealed wounds in your soul. I understand how overwhelming the process of facing your past can be. I have studied techniques that are shown to help people to heal, and I have used them on myself! I also know that every person and their story is different so I am glad that with my training I can offer techniques that are tailored to your temperament and specific situation. I know that healing is possible because I am living proof of it and I cannot wait to show you how to change your life in ways you never thought possible.

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