Cynthia Tamayo – Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Happily Ever After…

During my teenage years, my parents got divorced.  I was the only one of my friends with a broken home during the developmental phase in which I was supposed to form my identity and self-esteem.  The questions “Who am I?” and “How do I feel?” were influenced by this life event and later came to inspire my career and life purpose: serving families that want to be #better.

Through family therapy, I guide couples as they work towards resolving issues that threaten their marriage and family unity. Marriages require maintenance, effort, and the occasional tune-up, therapy allows this to happen in a safe and honest environment. Couples often come in with the goal to work towards preserving the marriage however, I have also learned that divorce—though not ideal— is sometimes inevitable. I’ve also realized that a child doesn’t have to be negatively impacted as a result of this experience.  It really comes down to how the transition is handled.  The consequences of divorce depend on the parents’ ability to put their pride and pain aside to prioritize the wellbeing of their parenting relationship—and, hence, the best interest of their children.

My parents did not know how to establish a cordial relationship post-divorce.  In fact, I did not fully grasp the magnitude of their disharmony until recently, when they had their first pleasant conversation in over 20 years. Yes, 2 decades— years during which I had three graduations, 20 birthdays, a wedding, the birth of my kids, and countless other significant life events that both of my parents were unable to witness and enjoy at the same time.  Understanding this first hand has enabled me to devote my career to helping families that are undergoing divorce transition smoothly into the new beginning that awaits them.  As a clinician and daughter of divorced parents, I am better able to help my clients understand the importance of preserving family unity, despite the physical and legal separation. I give them the tools needed to learn how to co-parent and be present, as well as how to overcome resentment and reach forgiveness.  It is important that the family continue to be present in all the milestones, successes and joy that lie ahead, while becoming the best version of themselves. Whether your goal is to maintain the family unit through strengthening your marriage or to smoothly transition to separate homes, I truly believe that together we can find your “happily ever after.”

Finding your Village

Through my career, I have also witnessed other hardships that can significantly impact the wholeness of a family. In 2008, I had the opportunity to complete my practicum at The League Against Cancer.  I learned that chronic illnesses are not a one-man experience.  A disease like Cancer, Crohn’s, or even Autism, affects the entire family in more ways than we can imagine, and it takes a village to overcome it. During my time there, I provided therapy to cancer patients as they were undergoing treatment.  After that experience, I went on to work at the Cancer Support Community Greater Miami.  There I assisted families in uncovering the intense emotions that are experienced during their journey.  Allowing them the space to vent and process the feelings associated with the illness and the family dynamics brought them a sense of hope and relief.  It was through this experience that I also witnessed the power of group sessions in providing families with a much-needed wealth of strength and support through creating a village.

Family Matters

Through my work I help couples have fulfilling marriages and joyful experiences, despite all the challenges that they are commonly faced with, including the expansion of their families.  Many couples experience their most difficult years while learning how to navigate the challenges that come with parenthood, this I’ve learned first had as my husband and I work towards juggling the responsibilities throughout our very busy days with 2 young children and make a contentious effort to remain connected and relevant despite the chaos.  Some also struggle with the unspoken obstacles of infertility or postpartum depression/anxiety (maternal & paternal—Yes, fathers experience it too!). These individuals are often unable to find the resources they need or they won’t attempt to seek them due to feelings of shame or fear of judgement. Well, fortunately, I’m not here to judge.  I’m here to help.

It is my deepest desire that you allow me to support you in overcoming the challenges that will enable you to experience feelings of joy, while you navigate the many different chapters of your life.  I am devoted to the families I serve and look forward to helping you become a #better version of yourself!

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