About Maria

About Maria


“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it” –Henry Ford

It’s one of my favorite quotes. Certainly the one I always come back to when everything seems to be falling apart, as it often does in life. A little reminder that it is during our times of pain and adversity that we find flight and see what we’re really made of.

Not that we’re able to see it then. The tunnel vision has kicked in and the furthest thing from our mind is the idea that we’ll get through this.

And that’s ok because that’s where I come in, to hold space for that difficult in-between. Nobody said you had to go at it alone. 

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Hi, my name is Maria Gracia Sosa. Originally from Venezuela (Si, hablo español!), I arrived in the United States when I was eight years old. A wide eyed little girl that asked too many questions, wondered endlessly about adults, their strange behaviors and constantly challenged the world and the way things “should” be.

Really, it’s no wonder that I would end up fascinated by psychology in college. But before I could arrive at my passion, the universe (and my father) had other plans for me. I would first be persuaded to study marketing and work as a financial consultant before tuning into a nagging little voice inside. A little voice of wisdom that said, “This isn’t it.”

And so I listened and found myself going back to school, earning a Bachelor of Science in Psychology at Florida Atlantic University followed by a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Nova Southeastern University. I am also a certified intuitive eating counselor, integrative nutrition health coach and best known as @holisticallygrace on social media.

While completing my master’s, I received training at the Brief Therapy Institute where I worked with individuals, couples and families struggling with marital discourse, divorce, behavioral problems in children, depression, anxiety and life transitions. I also worked at Pine Ridge Elementary’s PROMISE program where I conducted therapeutic interventions for addressing socially unacceptable behaviors in youths. Additionally, I interned at Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Options (JAFCO) where I facilitated therapies with children and teens in the foster care system. Upon graduating, I made my way into private practice. 

Through these various experiences and settings, there has always been an underlying theme: empowerment and resiliency. It has been my top priority to focus on providing insight and tools which allow my clients to view their problems through a strength and solution focused lens. Especially in my area of expertise, women’s health and wellbeing.

I’m passionate about deconstructing concepts and language in order to co-create meaningful change rooted in real holistic health. Together, we’ll walk through mental health, relationships, family, spirituality, career, nutrition, exercise, sleep, body image, self-esteem, etc. The most important factor for successful therapy is the relationship between the client and therapist. Feeling heard, seen, and understood are the foundations for meaningful and sustainable change. 

I’m ready to listen and help, are you ready? Send me an email: maria@holisticallygrace.com

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