Dr. Betsy Guerra

Hi. I’m Betsy and if there’s a possibility that you will grant me the honor of working with you, I think it’s only fair that I share with you a little bit about who I am and how ‘Better with Betsy’ came to be.

I was born in Puerto Rico and am the third of four siblings. My parents have been married for almost half a century, despite the many challenges they’ve experienced in their relationship. They had everything they needed to fail: from very different (almost opposite!) personalities, hobbies, and communication skills, to the experience of having a child with special needs and battling cancer. They also had the one thing they needed to succeed: faith. Mami and Papi believe. They believe in God, in their marriage, and in our family. With their example they taught me that the very same things that can break a relationship, can also save it from defeat if you have faith. It’s a choice.

And here’s a choice that brought me to you. I chose to be a doctor in Clinical Psychology and received my PhD from the University of Puerto Rico in 2006. I chose to be a Mrs. the same year, when I married Alain, the man that would bring purpose to my life and career. He gave me the possibility of being a mother to our four precious children, whom I adore with every inch of my soul. Alain is my love and life partner. He stood by my side and held me up when I didn’t have the strength to carry on. In 2013, we lost our almost three-year-old precious daughter in a pool accident. It was then that I really understood pain: the most excruciating kind. I didn’t think I could survive it, until I remembered what my parents had modeled for me: faith. I chose to believe… in God, in my daughter’s eternal spiritual presence, and in the possibility of being happy again.

Loss, grief, and pain are experienced differently when you have hope and when you’re not alone. What seems like the END may become a new beginning and an opportunity for growth and happiness. Having learned that personally, rather than just professionally, inspired me to spread to the word beyond the possibilities that my private practice allowed. As a result, I began to pursue my career as a speaker in 2016. I wanted to appease the fervent desire in my heart to show others how to transform struggles into blessings and strengths.

My relationship with Alain, and the role it played in my healing, further inspired my speaking career as I incorporated couples into my audience. I have always had a passion for the work with couples at a professional level. During my doctoral internship in New York City, I was intensively trained in marriage therapy by faculty of the Ackerman Institute, one of the most highly regarded training facilities for family therapists in the United States. Ever since, I have devoted much of my career to couples therapy and retreats, serving hundreds of couples and individuals with relationship issues.

Combining my passion to save couples with my desire to instill hope when there seems to be none, yielded Better with Betsy. This project allows me to provide a wide array of services to individuals, couples, and groups. I offer psychotherapy, coaching, workshops, and welcome opportunities for speaking engagements.