About Valeria

About Valeria

Valeria Bermudez – Administrative Assistant

Focus. My entire life has been shaped upon the things I’ve focused on.

As a child, and growing up, I focused on the fact that my twin sister was better than me. Into middle school, I particularly focused on what I didn’t have, and on how “bad” life was. I focused on the negative, and became miserable. As a result, I made those around me miserable as well. I was depressed because I was only focused on myself and on the things that made me sad. I was so focused on my depression and anger, that it clouded me, depriving me of the possibility of seeing the beautiful world that I see now.

When I met Betsy, I was in the worst mindset I have ever been in. I specialized in making myself a victim, while simultaneously spreading my anger and frustration to the people around me. I was desperate for a change because I had hit rock bottom. And then I remember Betsy making a comment along the lines of, “Before things get beautiful, they are going to get worse.”

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And I guess I didn’t truly understand the meaning of that until now that I’m able to analyze the past. I had to face my darkness before I was able to see the light, and it was hard. With Betsy’s support and God’s grace, I have become a better version of myself and my transformation has been contagious to the people around me.

I no longer contribute to others’ misery; I add to their joy and empowerment. I do it at home, at school, with strangers, and now as a team member of Better with Betsy. I am the administrative assistant of the team, as well as a co-facilitator of teen girls groups that equips adolescents with healthy coping mechanisms and empowering tools.

I find utmost joy in being able to help Betsy guide young girls who I see a lot of my old self in. As a result of my experience with Betsy and the opportunities I have had as part of her team, I now aspire to become a Psychologist and share my fate with others that feel the teenage hopelessness that once engulfed me.

“Where focus goes energy flows,” this has become my mantra.

I know that if I chose to focus on the beauty of life, and the joy that lies within me, then that’s the only thing that will come as a result.

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