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Dr. Betsy’s keynote topics for couples are endless.  She addresses everything from communication and intimacy, to coping strategies for financial, parenting, and third party struggles.  Dr. Guerra provides a comprehensive approach as she combines her knowledge in the field of psychology with her experience and captivating charisma.


Date Nights with Betsy

These workshops were born from the desire to serve more couples and provide an affordable option to transform relationships that may or may not be struggling. They have a “date night” feel to them and take place in a beautiful, romantic outdoor setting. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres are served to the group of couples attending.  This social component relaxes the atmosphere and creates a sense of community, thus helping couples feel more comfortable as they participate.

Through your wholehearted participation in “Date Nights with Betsy” you will:

  • ✓ Change your perspective on marriage and discard the possibility of divorce.
  • ✓ Learn how to create a safe space for effective communication
  • ✓ Practice efficient ways of communicating with your partner
  • ✓ Acquire significant skills that will allow you to create boundaries and appropriately cope with influential third parties.
  • ✓ Be able to balance your roles as a parent and spouse
  • ✓ Know how to fall in love with your partner all over
  • ✓ Identify areas that need further work in your relationship
  • ✓ Be inspired to make the decision of pursuing a happy marriage until “death do you apart.”

Date Nights are at 7:00 p.m. every Wednesday during the month of February or you can create your own group and schedule to your convenience.

Spaces are limited to preserve the intimacy of the experience.

Contact Betsy to learn why this is right for you and your spouse.

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