Faith Based Coaching Academy

The Faith-Based Coaching Academy certifies service-oriented, heart-centered, and faith-filled leaders as life coaches by combining psychology, spirituality, and personal application. We are invested in elevating humanity by being God’s hands and feet on earth, while creating a life and business of significance.  

Unlike therapists, who choose counseling as a career, life coaches are often chosen. Life experiences serve as the school that earns them the degree.
When you go through adversity, you learn lessons that can only be acquired through the experience of hurting, healing, and rising. That wisdom can’t be found in college or books. It is a gift that is uniquely yours.
Then God nudges you to share it. First it sounds like a whisper and you’re not sure if it’s a crazy thought or a call from above. With time and spiritual connection, the calling gets louder and you can no longer ignore it. You must obey to feel fulfilled. 

And somehow you get here

It’s no coincidence you even read this far. 
Drop the part of your ego and limiting beliefs that tell you, “Who am I…?” and step into the person God created to His image and likeness, who says, “How dare I not share my gifts to make this world better?”
Drop the thought that you can’t afford what you feel called to do. How would our God put something in your heart, only to tease you and then set you up for failure? If you were called, the answers already lie within. Find them.
Drop the objections and step into your purpose. Those who were assigned to you await. And so do we. Can’t wait to see you inside!
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