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Hurt 2 Hope

Hurt2Hope is an online experience similar to grief therapy in which I combine my clinical expertise with my personal experience of loss to guide you step-by-step on how to feel, heal, and overcome your pain.

I accompany you in a journey that takes you from the hurt of loss to the hope that will lead to joy and purpose. My commitment to you is that this program teaches you how to smile again, while using your pain to grow and become the better you that God created you to be.

This program gives you lifetime access to 5 modules and over 18 bilingual videos that will help you transform your pain into joy and your struggles into strengths. You will also have the opportunity to do the deep clinical work through the 69 pages of downloadable worksheets, which you may complete from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Finally, you will have access to me regularly through our LIVE Q&A Sessions, during which I can further guide you on the areas that you may be struggling with.

The best part is you get all this that would typically take months of therapy for the price of just one hour session with me!


Better Lives With Betsy

Better Lives With Betsy is a coaching series with topics inspired by you. It is for anyone looking to become a better version of him/herself.
Each live coaching call is helo every other Wednesday at 8:00 AM starting March 17.

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Online Courses for Thriving Marriages


I Do is a Daily Promise

On this course, Dr. Betsy Guerra will teach you the four key points that will help you bring hope to your marriage, whether it’s struggling, stagnant, or consumed by the daily routine and responsibilities. She’ll share a unique perspective that will inspire you to take action on exercising the practical tools that will remove divorce from your possibilities and prioritize the decision of love. Understanding these key points, implementing the skills taught here, and reframing your perspective will lead to a fulfilling and stronger relationship.

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Understanding firsthand that marital challenges cannot be solved if the communication between partners is erratic, Dr. Betsy Guerra uses her 20 years of clinical experience to teach couples how to communicate effectively. She shares communication techniques as well as practical tools to learn how, when, where, what, and why to communicate. She also introduces her very own trademarked concept on communication, FUSE®, which explains the individual set of characteristics that cause couples to feel misunderstood, lonely, and frustrated. Becoming aware of your FUSE® and that of your partner’s begins the journey towards thriving communication in your marriage.

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Third parties can easily disturb a marital relationship, but it gets complicated when that person is your in-law. Dr. Betsy has worked with hundreds of couples that struggle with boundaries and principles regarding the role of a parent-in-law. She has developed a comprehensive approach to bring perspective to this dilemma and empower couples by helping them take the lead role in ending unhealthy interactions with in-laws and give each other their place.

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Bringing Sexy Back

As a mother of four and devoted wife, Dr. Betsy Guerra has experienced personally the challenge that comes with balancing our roles as partners and parents. Having worked with couples for nearly two decades, she’s witnessed hundreds of marriages struggle with their intimacy, loss of passion, and unconscious decision of choosing parenthood over partnership. She’s seen how the routine and tiredness snowball into indifference in the relationship, leaving spouses feeling like complete strangers sharing a home. In this course, Dr. Betsy helps you create awareness of the level of satisfaction in your intimacy and offers practical tools to bring the spark back into your marriage. She also teaches you how to fall back in love with each other and balance your roles as partners and parents.

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The Marriage Enhancer Package

Get BetterWithBetsy by receiving all four modules for less than the price of one Couples Therapy session. This bundle includes everything you need to create a thriving marriage, bring the spark back into your relationship, and enhance your communication, while renewing your commitment to your spouse. INCLUDED: I Do is a Daily Promise Communication Monster-in-Law Bringing Sexy Back Worksheets Bonus Videos

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