Cynthia Gonzalez



I’m a wife, mother, and experienced educator with over 15 years of experience. Not only can I work with you to make you better but I, myself, have done the work. I’ve experienced the challenges of adolescence to college life, marriage and motherhood and have experienced the advantages of being held accountable and making my state of mind and my faith a priority! 

As your life coach, I will work with you to elevate your life, outwit your negative thinking, kick negative habits and kick start new ones. My mission is that you leave with the tools to encounter the road bumps that will inevitably come your way and meet them with confidence and an appreciation that these circumstances will mold you and make you better! I want you to look at life with a fresh set of eyes! 

As a young child in elementary and middle school I was met with lessons in adversity as I faced multiple bully situations that created unhealthy thought patterns that created self-limiting beliefs that I took with me into adulthood.

As a high school student, not only did I experience the common challenges of teenage life, but I endured the cancer journey of a first love and the fear of their possible death followed by the joy of remission. After navigating the unknown, and looking to the future, the first love ended in heartbreak.

Fast forward a few years, I married my soulmate young and was pregnant with our first baby and then 2 more soon after. Our marriage suffered. Poor communication, or lack thereof, did not allow for us to share the ups and downs that we were feeling as new parents,  in our workplaces and with each other. There were many years of arguments that escalated and cycled over and over which led to built up resentment, anger, and the future of our marriage in question.

That’s where the journey to healing began and continues. My husband found us “the best” therapist and signed us up for counseling. It was then, that we started to peel back the layers of stories we’d been telling ourselves and the paradigms that each of us had created throughout our lives. It was then that we realized the power of knowing ourselves and healing the innermost parts of us so that we could revive our marriage, become better parents, and grow in our faith life.

This journey of healing created opportunities to have conversations with people who were experiencing many of the same challenges that life brought my way and often I’ve seen that my words have made an impact on their lives. It opened the door to the experience of working with teens, young adults, and couples alike who are facing the same obstacles I did and still do today.

Doing this healing work and surrounding myself with like-minded people who inspire me, I’ve learned that our challenges, suffering, and pain are necessary in our path to greatness. It’s our approach to dealing with them that makes the world of a difference and that’s why I’m invested in helping others do the same! From little children to seasoned adults, and even couples, I will hear you, guide you, and push you to become a greater version of yourself.

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