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Hurt 2 Hope

March 1


Hurt 2 Hope is a comprehensive program designed to help people experiencing the loss of a loved one rise above their grief and become a better version of themselves in the process. It has proven to fuel our community with hope by reducing the likelihood of developing mental health disorders or dependence on psychotropic medications. It also instills clinical and spiritual tools that enable the participants to cope with adversity in a way that leads to healing and joy. Hurt 2 Hope also provides a support community that came together because of grief but remains connected through hope.

Hurt 2 Hope has an online component, which you can access at your convenience from the comfort of your home. It includes 5 modules containing 3-4 short videos each. These guide and support our clients through their grieving process. They have the opportunity to complete a “hopesheet” after each video. The hopesheets are part of a workbook and contain exercises that enable them to reflect on themselves and do the personalized work they would engage in on one-on-one therapy. Finally, there is a live component that makes this program extremely powerful. They have access to coaching via zoom, which is conducted with an intimate group on a regular basis. This is where therapy and support group unite to create incredible energy, validation, and support. Though they usually resist the group idea at first, they always end up thriving in this setting and become empowered by receiving AND sharing in the community. In some ways, it is more transformational and comprehensive than individual therapy–yet way more accessible.


March 1
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