Despite the belief we’ve all had at some point, people DO change. Psychotherapy is a way of accomplishing that. Year after year, I witness the transformation of individuals, couples, and families that have committed to their therapeutic process and have worked hard to change their lives. Like butterflies, these people go through phases during their metamorphosis: from egg (emotional immaturity) to caterpillar (discovery and growth), to pupa (learning and strengthening)... until they reach their maximum potential by becoming a beautiful butterfly, or well-balanced individual. The same way a butterfly doesn’t go back to being a caterpillar, individuals transformed by their work in therapy should never return to their original stage. Even when they are exposed to new challenges in life, they are able to use their acquired skills to cope successfully, and that is my mission as a psychotherapist!


I provide the following modalities of psychotherapy in Spanish or English. I am also proficient in Portuguese and may treat individuals whose primary language is such, as long as they also understand English or Spanish.

I provide individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults for a wide range of psychological distresses (e.g. grief, anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, family issues, challenges in adolescence/young adulthood, low self esteem, traumatic life events, among others). Even though I have valuable experience in treating clients that have been diagnosed with different psychological disorders, I am invested in treating the individual, rather than the illness.

My focus is mostly psychodynamic (helping clients connect with their unconscious and identify the behaviors that are linked to it), but I also implement cognitive-behavioral techniques and hypnotherapy based on the client's demands. Therefore, along with the client, I seek to understand the underlying motives of the presenting problem in order to help overcome it, while tailoring the treatment interventions to the individual’s unique needs.

Although I have training and experience in all modalities of psychotherapy, I am especially passionate about couples and family therapy. This modality of treatment tends to view change in terms of the interactions among family members. It emphasizes family relationships as an important factor in psychological health. The client, then, is not the individual, but rather the system (the family or couple).

I was trained in couples and family therapy by renowned faculty of one of the most highly regarded training facilities of family therapy (Ackerman Institute in NYC). Throughout my career as a systems therapist, I have addressed all sorts of psychological distresses (e.g. flawed communication, sexual issues, infidelity, abuse, boundary problems, parenting, divorce, conflicts with extended family/friends, traumatic life events, among others.) This form of therapy tends to yield change faster than individual treatment because it allows me to observe and better understand the relational dynamics and underlying messages in their interactions. It also facilitates teamwork among all participants, rather than all the responsibility of change falling on one single person. It is, however, possible to conduct couples/family therapy with just one individual.

I believe in marriage and I feel it is my calling to help transform relationships that seem hopeless. I also find great joy in boosting functioning couples by equipping them with tools and perspectives that will take their relationship to another level. Whether you at the verge of losing your marriage or you just want to make your love life BETTER, I can help you!

I strongly believe in the power and value of psychotherapy, but I have learned that the study of human beings (Psychology) is as limited as human beings themselves. As individuals, we are capable of grand accomplishments, but we are still human. Incorporating faith and spirituality into psychotherapy is a powerful tool to attain the unimaginable and transcend all human limitations. If you believe, or want to believe, I would be delighted to engage in any form of psychotherapy with this extra touch.

Couples / Relationships

Dr. Betsy can help transform your marriage into a happily ever after. She’ll teach you how to change perspective/expectations, enhance communication, master conflict resolution, and spice up the passion from the early days.

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Dr. Betsy is a mom of four who understands first hand the challenges of being a parent and truly enjoys sharing her perspective on raising little people.

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Teens & Young Adults

Dr. Betsy has a special love for the work with youth. Their receptiveness during a time in which every decision counts, allows her to contribute to the formation of sensible, assertive, and kind-hearted members of society.

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Personal Growth

Dr. Betsy is committed to transforming lives by providing hope where there seems to be none, teaching skills that you never thought you could have, and promoting faith in oneself and God. She covers areas such as grief, overcoming conflict, and learning the qualities that generate success in all areas of life.

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