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From: $150.00 / month


A successful therapy process usually doesn’t last less than 10-15 sessions. For this reason, I have designed packages that help reduce your fee per session and, hopefully, increase your commitment to treatment.

When you choose one of the packages below, you commit to a minimum of 10 sessions. You will pay the total sum of the package selected in up to three installments, which will be automatically deducted from your credit card on a biweekly basis (unless you choose another payment method).

Each package is based on one-hour sessions, so please consider that longer sessions will be prorated using the hourly rate of your choice (e.g. a two-hour session will be charged double).
You are free to use those sessions any time within six months from the day you start the package. Notice that the sessions are nontransferable and may only be used by the person specified here.

Please note that our billing is handled by Agile Planners. You may receive emails and/or phone calls related to payment processing.


Individual (45-60 mins) Tx.

– $1,750 ($250 off) OR 3 payments of $615
– $2,250 ($750 off) OR 3 payments of $825


Family (60 mins) Tx.

– $1,750 ($250 off) OR 3 payments of $615
– $2,250 ($750 off) OR 3 payments of $825

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