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Betsy will take your audience on an emotional journey, leaving them inspired and ready for action.
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The Missing Piece of Communication

Even the best communicators fail to convey their message effectively, especially when someone is triggered or misunderstood. Mastering communication techniques does not create fulfilling relationships, but being mindful of others’ FUSE® does. In this presentation, Dr. Guerra teaches her FUSE® concept—a combination of four principles that explain the way a person interprets, reacts and relates. This information empowers individuals with the ability to tailor their interactions to the uniqueness of each colleague or family member, so they may lead with grace and increase their influence.

the Mind

The mind is wired to keep us safe at any cost. In an effort to do so, it’s programmed to act in ways that are familiar and comfortable. Therefore, change and growth often come across as a threat. We must understand and recognize what’s taking place in the mind when it attempts to “keep us safe” from our own life purpose and greatness, so we may outsmart it. This knowledge empowers us with wisdom and tools that help us reprogram self-limiting beliefs and elevate our lives and mindsets.

F.A.I.T.H. in Adversity

Pain is inevitable. We all go through loss, challenges, and adversities that hurt. Suffering, however, is optional. In this presentation, Dr. Betsy teaches the five powerful steps to healing and overcoming any hardship. She empowers the audience with practical tools that enable them to end suffering and engage in healthy coping mechanisms.

GPS to a Deepening

Here we talk about practical tools you may implement to enhance your spirituality and engage in a life guided by infinite wisdom, as opposed to only human understanding. Though this topic is not religious and Dr. Betsy honors her audience’s beliefs, she references God unapologetically. She teaches how to consent to God’s presence and action within, so He may be your GPS, as you navigate through life and assist others in your leadership roles.

Bulletproofing your Marriage:
Creating Fulfilling Relationships That Make Life Easy

If you know Betsy, you know she’s obsessed with her husband and has a thriving marriage. It wasn’t by chance that she beat the stats of most couples who have lost a child. Betsy knows how to elevate relationships by enhancing their awareness and accountability, empowering them with superior communication skills, and teaching them how to balance their “partner vs parent” roles. Her audiences leave with practical tools that will enable them to fall in love again with their partners, as they create deep intimacy and connection.

The 5-Step Manual For Parenting Excellence

They say there’s no “manual” for raising a child, so Betsy created one. In this presentation, she shares the steps to becoming the parent your child needs to thrive. Her controversial approach is a comprehensive psycho-spiritual model different to those informed by traditional behavioral theories that fail to include each child’s individuality and uniqueness.

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Her captivating story and contagious energy keep you on the edge of your seat!

There’s a reason why Dr. Betsy is often booked as the closing keynote: she takes audiences on an emotional and value-rich experience that is deeply personal and highly actionable.

Betsy’s authenticity and raw vulnerability makes her relatable to her audiences and inspires them to connect with their own stories. Her charisma keeps listeners engaged as she eloquently conveys compelling lessons and practical tools designed to overcome adversity, create fulfilling relationships, and deepen their spirituality.

More than a speaker, Betsy is a partner–invested in collaborating with your mission. That’s why she makes her presentations deeply personal and customized to the objectives of your event.

So, if you’re looking for someone remarkable on the topics of grief, relationships, communication, spirituality, and change, you just found her!

Whether you’re trying to motivate 25,000 sales consultants in a stadium, educate your faculty and students at school, inspire hundreds in a conference, increase the faith of retreatants, or offer hands-on training to a dozen Fortune 10 executives in a boardroom, Betsy is your person!

She will not only inspire your audience, but she’ll also shake them to the core and compel them to change. If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak to you.


5 Reasons To Book Betsy

1 Delightful

Betsy is accommodating, enthusiastic, reliable, and easy to work with. She’ll make your team and audience feel like rockstars!

2 Brilliant

With a doctorate in psychology and over 20 years of clinical practice, Betsy has a more extensive competence in the mental health field than most speaker-coaches. She understands why we think, feel, and act the way we do, and knows exactly how to outsmart the mind to create change.

3 Authentic

Betsy walks the talk. She didn’t just learn about her topics at school. She knows them in theory AND practice, so she engages in compelling storytelling that makes her relatable to audiences of ALL ages–from children to teens, adults, and couples. Betsy’s conviction on stage stirs their hearts and inspires transformation.

4 Unique

Betsy has a unique and comprehensive approach that combines human understanding with spirituality and personal experience to create powerful and limitless possibilities. She will empower your audience with practical tools they may use immediately to create change.

5 Inspiring

Betsy’s charisma, humor, and high energy are so genuine that it’s hard to imagine she was once shattered by the loss of her daughter. She exudes hope, while her contagious joy and deep faith inspire audiences to rise above pain and live with purpose.


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As Seen On

In this two-part book, Dr. Betsy shares her story vulnerably and then takes you on a journey to hope. Part one will help you connect with your own raw pain in a way that carries you to peace. In part two, she teaches the clinical and spiritual tools you need to navigate through your struggles and end suffering.

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