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Teens & Young Adults

Dr. Betsy is especially passionate about working with youth.  She values the opportunity to touch the lives of those who are still in formation and are confronted with important crossroads that will define their lives long-term.  Dr. Betsy has the gift of connecting with young peeps and empowering them as they make life-changing decisions.  She helps them develop significant insight, self-worth, and coping skills that will inevitably enable success. 

Teen Leadership Boot Camp

This group was designed by Dr. Betsy Guerra to empower adolescents with powerful leadership tools, superior social skills, healthy coping mechanisms, and tools that are not learned in school and are no longer taught by our society.

Teens nowadays struggle with decision-making strategies and have poor communication skills because of the limited face-to-face interactions without a device in the middle.  They also have a hard time choosing the right friends, experiencing confidence, and using social media wisely because of their desire to fit in.  

We've created a space to help them become BETTER and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in life, while strengthening the relationship with their parents and peers in a fun and validating environment.

Our Teen Leadership Bootcamp is held once every semester for 8 weeks.  We offer several groups in order to accommodate teens from 6th through 12th grades.   Dr. Betsy Guerra designed this program to address the struggles that she's witness adolescents face in her 19 years of clinical experience.  Based on the testimonies of parents from previous groups, this initiative has been incredibly successful in empowering teenagers with social and coping skills that have equipped them with increased confidence and a positive vision of life.

Meeting dates for next group (2019):

-  September 9
-  September 16
-  September 23
-  September 30
-  October 7
-  October 14
-  October 21
-  October 28

Don’t miss out!  We are keeping it intimate, so spaces are limited.

To sign up or learn more about our Teen Leadership Bootcamp, text or call Dr. Betsy at 305.810.9823, or email her at

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