Keep it up with Betsy

Keep it up with Betsy



Marriage is an ongoing commitment that requires our ever-present effort to preserve the magic in it. You chose the person you wanted to spend the rest of your life with and vowed to love and honor him/her unconditionally. Understanding first hand how challenging that promise can be inspired Dr. Betsy Guerra to create a program that would allow her to help you keep your pledge and keep up your standards of a happy marriage.

Keep it Up with Betsy will provide you with invaluable tools aimed to enable you to pursue a fulfilling marriage. This one-year program has a cost of only $29 a month and entitles you and your spouse to the following benefits:

• Monthly mini class by Dr. Betsy on important relationship topics delivered to your inbox in the form of videos or blogs.
• Worksheet on the topic of them month that may be completed individually or jointly.
• Follow-up biweekly e-mails that help yo stay on track as you invest yourself in your relationship.
• Monthly live Q&A session in which Dr. Betsy will answer any questions you may have and how to dress a particular relationship issue.
• Opportunity to provide feedback or recommendations for suture topics that you may benefit from.
• Invitation to become a member of the Keep it Up Facebook Group: an exclusive virtual community of couples creating successful marriages.
• Discounted member rate for all events hosted by Better with Betsy.

Payment Options

$297/ year (save $51), Monthly payments of $29 (to be deducted the 1st of every month)

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