Hurt 2 Hope Book


Whether you’ve lost a loved one, been through a divorce, encountered financial or health hardships, or you’re enduring major change, you know grief. If you are hurting, feeling stuck, or looking for a light at the end of the tunnel, this book is for you.After suddenly losing her daughter in 2013, Dr. Betsy Guerra met excruciating pain and hopelessness face-to-face. Her grief journey taught her lessons that superseded the knowledge afforded by her doctorate degree and decades of clinical practice.Ultimately, Betsy found her way to joy, while continuing to love and honor her daughter. Her story has attracted hundreds of people who have also struggled with grief. Since her loss, Betsy has studied and tested the tools that helped her clients overcome incredible pain and hardships. Combining her background in clinical psychology with her personal experience and unwavering faith, Betsy developed the most powerful approach to converting hurt into hope. Inspired by the astounding improvement in her clients, and a deep desire to help as many people as possible, Betsy set out to write this book. Hurt 2 Hope is divided in two parts. In Part One, she shares her story vulnerably, taking you on a journey from feeling the raw pain to finding hope. In Part Two, Betsy offers the clinical and spiritual tools you need to navigate through your struggles and end suffering. These skills will elevate you to a higher, more joyous version of yourself. This book will make you cry and smile. It’ll connect you to your vulnerability and inspire your resilience. It will allow you to embrace your own pain and find your way to peace. Get ready to embark on a journey from Hurt 2 Hope.

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