The true FACE of the BOOK

They say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and yet we do.  A lot.   We guide ourselves by the appearance of what we see, failing to consider the truth of what is hidden. As human beings, we use

Rushing to do nothing: A slaving freedom

Recently, I had the blessing to listen to a family friend that just came out of prison after spending 20 years (almost half of her life) there.  She came to me because she figured that, as a psychologist, I could

I was the BEST MOM in the world UNTIL…

Before reaching parenthood, I knew exactly the type of mom that I would be.  “I will never make the mistakes my mom made,” I thought, and “I will teach my kids this and that, while respecting their desires no matter

Good Friday?

Today is the day we commemorate our Lord’s death in a cross.  He sacrificed his own life to save ours; to give us eternal life.  He experienced fear, betrayal, hurt, weariness and an unbearable physical pain caused by relentless whip

Talk Yourself Into Being

People go through life thinking they are a certain way, and it is not until they endure life-changing experiences that they realize they can be so much more.  That happened to me recently.  I ran the Miami Marathon and the
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