“Betsy, you don’t understand who I’m talking about. You don’t know him. He will never change.” I hear wives and husbands say this about their spouses all the time. Teenagers don’t stay behind, when they refer to their

Reframing Your Life

My daughter died and so did my shot at ever being happy again. OR My daughter was born to the life that never ends, which makes me the mom of an angel! Seeing her again inspires me to become

My Secret Mantra

I recently attended an event where successful women shared their “mantras”. The words or phrase they used to encourage, inspire and motivate them. I couldn’t help but wonder what mine was. I sure consider myself an accomplished woman. What is my secret? What

The true FACE of the BOOK

They say, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” and yet we do.  A lot.   We guide ourselves by the appearance of what we see, failing to consider the truth of what is hidden. As human beings, we use
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