Una Vida con Propósito: Monseñor Tomás Marín

El 28 de diciembre de 2018 escuché la noticia de que Monseñor Tomás Marín había fallecido por complicaciones médicas. Sentí un tristeza tan profunda que me fui a mi lugar sagrado, el Santísimo, para recomponer mis pensamientos y

All I Want for Christmas Is…

It was the morning of December 25th, 2013. I quietly snuck out of my room to get everything ready for when Chichi (4) and Gordi (1) woke up to experience the joy of going through their stockings and opening

You’re Just Like the People You Can’t Stand!

Can you think of a person or personality type you just can’t stand?  Is it the arrogant, the selfish, the narcissist, the victim, the manipulator, the control freak, the dramatic, the know-it-all, the bubbly, the worrywart?  Which of their
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