Ivette Lopez



I am the person that God has prepared as the answer to your prayers!

If you want to stop feeling helpless and hopeless, I am your answered prayer!

If you’re living in constant fear, I am your answered prayer!

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, I am your answered prayer!

If you are tired of feeling stuck, I am your answered prayer!

I work with those individuals who live in fear and debilitating anxiety by empowering them with practical tools that will enable them to heal, overcome fears and become the best version of themselves so that they may walk by faith, not fear!

Hi, I am Ivette Lopez. I am 52 years old. I married my high school sweet heart, so we’ve been together for 35 years, married for 28 years. He was my Answered Prayer at the age of 16 because I struggled with depression the moment I realized as a child that when you die you don’t come back. I just couldn’t accept leaving the beautiful life and family that God had blessed me with. This led me to overthink and overanalyze everything which then led me to not be able to eat or sleep well, so my life was consumed with the fear of dying. As a result of this, I was no longer enjoying my beautiful life and being aware of this led me to get depressed because I knew how precious life is since we won’t be here forever. I wasn’t living life as God wanted me to live it, so this destroyed me over and over again. Even though God used my husband as an instrument to help me and he did, I had to put in the work to undo all the bad habits that prohibited me from becoming who God meant for me to be, I had to unbecome what I had become.

I truly feel that everything I put myself through such as creating problems that really didn’t exist was God preparing me for what was to come. This is when I learned what my wedding vows really meant when we said, “For better or worse…” this was when we lost our life as we knew it. We were faced with some very difficult financial and legal problems that led to the loss of our beautiful house because of some very poor decisions made by my husband and my mother-in-law which then led to the greatest loss of all, our peace, but throughout this disruption of my very peaceful and happy life, God was always there. He helped me carry this very heavy cross!

I am no longer afraid! What moves me the most is seeing God’s plan for me unravel. Being able to see it and know it’s Him is what brings me joy. the more I trust in Him, the more peace I feel and understand my purpose here on Earth. I know that God is using me as His instrument to help you become who He meant for you to be!

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